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The Modelling Masterclass Online is a 4+ hour interactive education taught live and in person by model and GenZ content creator Marygrace Tropeano. The classes will not be pre-recorded; instead, you will learn face to face with Marygrace, who will be watching and mentoring you live via the internet.

Marygrace has been modelling since the age of five, working for iconic fashion brands and magazines such as Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Vogue, and many more. Marygrace discovered her passion for assisting others in breaking into the modelling industry through TikTok. After receiving numerous requests for 1:1s from her audience, she decided to take it to the next level and assist anyone interested in getting into modelling on a deeper level.


The class is divided into four sections. After a brief introduction with Marygrace and your classmates, you'll dive right into a discussion about agencies, contracts, tips, casting, and much more. Following that, you will learn how to pose as a professional model, as well as explore different types of modelling such as commercial, editorial, beauty, and runway. You'll discover how to walk like a pro model! 

Following a two-hour class, there is a 15-minute break, followed by a two-hour discussion on branding, social media, and Q&A. Please come prepared with personal questions, as you will be able to ask Marygrace them in person in the classroom setting and receive open and honest answers. She has seen it all and has been in the industry since she was a child, giving her a unique perspective on the industry that is not found or shared anywhere else.


The price of The Modelling Masterclass Online is £64 for the full day of education. The fee is paid up front during self registration process and can be paid via PayPal or credit card. There are no refunds, but you will receive a copy of the slides with all of the information, the live recording, and access to a Discord group-chat where you can network with beginners and more experienced models. Additionally you will receive feedback on social media branding and photoshoots from Marygrace herself.


The masterclass is open to any model, of any gender. At this time, there are no experience level requirements. If you are under the age of 18 we recommend that you have a parent or guardian with you. Anyone who acts or does anything that Marygrace or the moderators deem inappropriate may be removed from the online class.


Aside from registering via the link provided below, you will need a laptop (preferred), tablet, or phone, as well as a good wifi signal. After registering, download the FREE version of "Zoom" (blue icon with a white camera) and create a free account. You should arrange for your class to take place in a quiet and well-lit area of your home. It is recommended that you place your device a few feet away from you so Marygrace can see you clearly while tutoring you. Wireless headphones are ideal, but if you don't have any, that's okay.

Don't miss this limited opportunity to invest in yourself! See you soon!

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